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29 JANUARY 2016

Titanic U3A

At the end of January, 10 of us from our club went to the Titanic Exhibition at the Convention Centre in Perth – a theatre-like experience. The whole combination of photographs large and small, video displays, sound effects from the docks and the ship’s disintegration, displays of hundreds of artefacts from 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class of the White Star Liners as well as from survivors, made two and a half hours just slip by. The atmosphere was built up with a dark background describing the designing and construction of the Titanic and the characters involved, then as one stepped on board and arrived at the bottom of the famous staircase, all was light and cheerful. The promenade deck in moonlight was romantic and when the first iceberg warnings appeared they seemed unbelievable. The following part of the exhibition portrayed the speed of the disaster and told so many personal stories, both brave and cowardly. The conclusion showed the coverage by the –mainly American- press and the Investigations and recommendations following it all, and finally superb pictures of the discovery of the wreck many years later. Each person attending was given a Boarding Pass in the name of an actual passenger, some of our group went down with the ship, others survived! Diane went down!

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